Cae’nod is a world in transition. The vestiges of ancient religion combat the allure of new traditions, traditions that offer easy power and instant gratification. The rural peasantry cling to phantasmagoric traces of Old Gods, while urban sophisticates channel vast power from a new source: the helios crystals. In the shifting lattices of these crystals lies untold power, power siphoned from the gods themselves as the Daemonhead, Gy’Rae, sought to consume them and usurp their power for himself. This cannibal act against his aether-spawned siblings led to his own cataclysmic destruction, the resultant shock wave rending a crater in the face of Cae’nod and leveling Gy’Rae’s citadel, the Cataract.

In the wake of the destruction of the gods, Gy’Rae’s daemon legions, freed from his yoke, spread in every direction from the blighted ruin of the Cataract. Preying on the servile races spawned by the other gods, the daemon armies plunged the formerly peaceful kingdoms of Cae’nod into chaos and madness. The ‘lesser’ races, deprived of the comforting presence and guidance of their creators, fell back before the daemon onslaught in disorganized panic. For decades, a war without sense or structure raged across Cae’nod, and only finally through the preponderance of their numbers did the lesser races first begin to stand fast against Gy’Rae’s daemons, and then to push them back towards the shattered Cataract.